Ezogelin Agricultural Women’s Cooperative President Saadet Toyaç: “We sold all the local products in Oguzeli district to the domestic market. We then sent 200 thousand jars to Germany with demands to Germany. We plan to commit the products of Gaziantep, and plan to market.” Burhan Akymaz: “Women’s Secretary-General:” Women have achieved almost impossible with the opportunities we give. They showed that they have deserved to the end of the successful studies they do.

Feride pelin inal – Gaziantep 7 women selling the products they produce in the agricultural school established in the agricultural school established with the support of the İpeyolu Development Agency (OKA) and sells the products they produce by cooperative.

Eka, Depending on the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Social Development Program (SOGEP), Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality established Agricultural School in Oguzeli district in Oguzeli district.

7 of the 220 women who studied in the school in which modern farming methods are taught, 7 started to work in Ezogelin agricultural women’s cooperatives.

The cooperative members of the 45 products belonging to drybow, shakes, peppers, pickles, jam, and managed to export 700 thousand pounds to Germany.

Ezogelin Agricultural Women’s Cooperative President Saadet Toyçık, AA Reporter, 9 months ago, 9 months ago, 9 months ago, 9 months ago, 9 months ago, he said they planted products according to the season.

He said that they are preparing to prepare the local products that they are preparing to prepare the chosen, papry, drybeat, pulp pepper, mint, thyme, are currently the season, which is the season with the season, caulbazar, white cabbage.

“We started production from the seeds, grape, peanuts of the region,” We started production from seeds. After the products we produce, we will sample some of ourselves, we will be able to deploy a portion of the farmers. We will be harvested in the farmers. We will send it to the sale by further . ” said.

“We have stated that we want to establish a cooperative by interviewing one by one. We have to sell the products we produce with their wives and started to make money on the work. We need to keep their families in the family economy. We have sold all the local products in Oguzeli district. Afterwards With demands, we sent 200 thousand jars of jars in Germany. We have sent jams. Gaziantep’s products for each district of Gaziantep and plan to market by branding. We will grow more. “

The Projects, who will make the projects, who will establish the production line for Oguzeli’s Registration Nari and NAR molasses, produces the production line, producing the pomegranate boiling in vacuo and exported to the abroad, they are dried to use the fruit vegetables to be used as Mama.

Ziraat technician and cooperative member Zeynep Ebru lion pointed to women supporting women as well as support to the district as well as support.

“We want to reach the farmers,” rooting in the saplerbags, which stated that they performed Oguzeli Nari application for support for support for support. How to place? How to do the maintenance? In this way, we provide information with applications. ” she talked.

IKA Secretary General Burhan Akymaz also transferred to the Agricultural School, Fidan Production Facility and Fruit Vegetable Processing Facility within SOGEP.

In addition to agriculture, irrigation, pruning, harvesting, as well as agricultural education, such as agricultural education, e-trade, e-exports, branding, sales and marketing, as well as agricultural education.

Ezogelin 7 women in Agricultural Women’s cooperatives are Aktymaz, which stated that the products produced to the domestic market continued:

“Their first exports have been made to different countries of Germany and Europe. They have managed to be almost impossible with the opportunities we give. We want to continue our support to the end of the successful studies. With this region, it is a rich region with its climate. It will contribute to the Economic Development of the Region of the Domestic Market and Sale to the domestic market with a brand in the domestic market. Especially we want to increase the economy of Gaziantep to increase the geographical products of Gaziantep with the domestic market. Hope the destination market, product variety. Short we want time to show the world the success demonstrated the entrepreneurial spirit. this model Gaziantep own model. will spread all over Turkey by magic. qualified project like this, all the entrepreneurial aspects of women brought into life in Turkey will be revealed once more. “

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