Lebanese Maruni PatriƟ Mar Basara Rai explained that Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri will return to Lebanon as soon as possible.

Rai has made a series of talks in Riyadh yesterday. The King of Saudi Arabia, the Rai, who came together with Safan Bin Abdulaziz, expressed the satisfaction for the behavior of Saudi Arabia for Lebanese guests.

Rai stated that King Selman feeds a great love against Lebanon and standing in a permanent way. Also “Lebanese and Saudi Arabia cannot affect anything.” The patriarch says that even some negativity has not affected the relationships between the two countries. The patriarch also describes the conversation with Hariri as “very very good”, while Prime Minister Hariri stressed that the nearest possible time will return to Lebanon.

To a question that Hariri is entitled to the resignation, Rai said, “Who told you I don’t I justify Hariri on all the reasons of resignation. Hariri explained that he is ready to withdraw his resignation and continue his task. ” said. The Prime Minister’s President, the President of the Assembly of Representatives and Rai stated that Rai describes the reasons that lead them to the resignation and the father’s blood is ready to serve for this homeland.

Nearby Rai reported that the patriarch has passed the interviews with Saudi officials during the visit of Saudi Arabia. In addition, it was reported that an open and mutual opinion of all subjects has been made available. The source has announced that it has an open and moderate interview with the Christian-Islamic dialogue in the statement. He also noted that 24 hours spent with the delegation in Saudi Arabia is as history of the whole visit.

The source that qualifies the interview with Hariri as “very well”, the Hariri has recently returned to Lebanon and the longest political crisis that the country lived after its resignation was recently terminated.

It was stated that Rai has left Riyad to go to Rome within the scope of the visits to continue until the end of the week. Rai will come together with some Vatican officials in Rome and will attend church meetings.

On the other hand, the patridge performed interviews with a Lebanese community in Riyadh before leaving Saudi Arabia. In this context, the Community has expressed the fears of the negative effects of Lebanese political factions to Saudi Arabia. The patriarch stated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would maintain their own land. The Ambassador of Lebanon, the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, the Maruni patriarch that makes a conversation in a ceremony organized by the Abdul Fettah, “Saudi Arabia stood next to Lebanon in the most difficult situations in terms of political, economic and security. This brother has played a big role in supporting the country. Saudi kings and princes have houses in Lebanon, liking Lebanon, they live there. To bring back the beautiful life in Lebanon, they want to rebuild the safety and stability of this country more than us. ” used their statements.

In the conversation of Rai, Lebanese community, he said; “Saudis loves you and respects you.

Of course, for the future of Saudi Arabia, the king and prense wanted to offer our thanks to your behalf. We are clearly notifying you the friendship and brotherhood between Lebanese and Saudi Arabia. Sometimes severe winds esse depend on the Lebanese people history. Because the history of Lebanon is the history of friendship. ” The patriarch of the relationship between Maruni Patriarch and the Kings, Anthony Peter Arida, Patriarch, Patriarch, Patriarch, Patriarch, Patriarch and Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir, said that the King of Saudi Arabia shows this invitation to continue its good relations between the Maruni Patriarcho and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. .

According to the information that reaches Sarku’l Avsat from resources, Rai is for the resignation of Hariri, “Do you have to believe in the reasons for the resignation? Do you have to return to the policy of impartiality and away to prevent our country from entering a burning volcano? ” spoke in the form of.

Resources have noted that the patriarch is considering the national interests, in the heart of Lebanon, in the heart of the Lebanon.

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