At first animal products, the belief that we can continue to continue their current consumption levels, capitalist growth, imperial battles, fossil fuels, the belief that we can continue to obey the largest income injunction of humanity in humanity, is not a kind of hope, but a kind of hope that leads to suicide. The policies of biden administration and global elite are not towards a bright future of sunny greens and a brilliant future, but the irreversible ecological system depressions, intimidating social breaks, authoritarianism and neofashism together with the mass climate migrations, the mass climate migrations, Covid-19, Covid-19 is a slight pioneer of Covid-19. We make a much more lethal lead to new pandemia.

Global warming is an inevitable fact. Unstoppable. Can be slowly slow. In the next 50 years, the earth will be very likely to warm at high levels that some parts of the planet will become completely experienced. On, perhaps percent of the hundreds of people will be from their place. The millions of species will be extinct. The coastal cities will be flooded like New York, London.

The oceans absorb much CO2 in the atmosphere and most of the heat. This causes the absorption to warm up and acidification of ocean waters, and ultimately cause some areas of the ocean to remain oxygen. The 3 cases of climatic scientists say that the climate scientists are “Deadly Triple” before each of the 5 mass destroyers known to occur in the earth, so one of the facts of warming, acidification and oxygenation in oceans had occurred. The next mass of life of life in the seas has begun. This will be for the first time for about 55 million years.

This is not breaking. Realism. We seem to have purchased a 4-year additional respite with the choice of Biden, but if we do not use this period wisely – it does not appear to be encouraging in this direction in this direction in this direction – only the severe political and economic hurricans that have started to collect the clouds in our environment. We are rebuilding a jerk-coaching ghost settlement (Potemkin village).

One of the courses I received while watching war and revolutions in the world as an external reporter, the political, economic and cultural systems created by any society are very fragile. As I observed in Yugoslavia in the 1989 revolutions in Yugoslavia, as I observed in Yugoslavia, and even after finishing the Fatal Decay Fundamentals, the front facade of power is standing. This front facade persuades the society to think that the authority structures remain intact. And when the collapse should be taken to be already naped, this appears to people and understands. The chaos followed by the following chaos are intimidating and frightening. The cognitive mismatch between the perception of power and its rapid collapse feeds self-delusions, self-deceptions. This, as I witnessed the old Yugoslavia, brings the adoption of the new sprouting violence to clear the crisis tapism of anthropologists, as well as to clear the odd conspiracy theories, fascism, and society from the devils accused of causing national depression. Hate becomes the top form of patriotism. Weaks are made of scapegoat. Intellectuals, journalists and scientists are underestimated by a world based on patients and truths. Executive elites and management structures lose their beliefs. This collapse is often the gateway to a fantasy world to a fantasy world to a nihilistic world and throat.

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