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It’s very simple: I’ll explain it to you using the example of a 17 hand: Either you have a soft or a hard 17. The hard 17 has no ace, it may consist of a king, a 4 and a 3. You should definitely wait and don’t draw any more cards. It is different with a soft 17 hand. This consists of a 6 and an ace. The advantage of such a hand is obvious: you can draw another card without risk.

Here Dustin Hoffman and Dustin Hoffman break the bank of a casino as the brother couple Babbitt. Well, Rainman has a thing for numbers, and not everyone can remember exactly which cards are still waiting for you in the game. In addition, card counting is forbidden in the Black Jack game and can be punished – so be careful – this is definitely not a good Black Jack strategy….

Are there any other famous blackjack films or scenes that honor this game? Sure: Here is a small selection: Black Jack plays a not unimportant role in these films:

21: Suspenseful thriller that goes deep into the theory behind blackjack and card counting.

Aces and tens are marked with “1”. All numbers in between are not taken into account. It is now counted accordingly which cards are played and go out of play. As soon as there is a significant minus value – that is, a corresponding number of low cards have been drawn from the draw pile and the draw pile is rich in tens and aces – there is an opportunity to increase your stakes. However, it is not enough to just have a cheap count. You also have to consider how much has already been deducted from the draw pile and how many decks you are playing with. Only then can you set the count in relation to all remaining cards in the game and weigh up exactly how cheap the opportunity really is. This way of counting cards is called the Hi / Low system. There are even more sophisticated (but also more difficult) ways of counting cards in which, for example, aces and tens are counted separately. Anyone who thinks they have to count cards should choose the system that suits them best.

Is card counting difficult? Yes and no. Contrary to the representations from the films mentioned above, you don’t have to be a genius for this. Conceptually, card counting is easy. You don’t have to set up and solve amazing equations for this. However, you have to be able to concentrate well without being looked at.

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