Depending on the version of blackjack, there are a number of side bets players can place. The most common side bet in blackjack games is insurance against blackjack (Insurance).

The origin of the game of blackjack, like that of most other casino games, has been investigated for some time, but the exact origin of the game has not yet been established with absolute certainty. Nonetheless, most agree that blackjack originated in French casinos around 1700. The game was then called Vingt-et-Un. This French word means 21 – a name that is still used to refer to the game today. Some researchers believe that the game was derived from other games that were popular in France at the time. These French games were French Ferme and Chemin de Fer, which is entirely possible because many similarities can be found by comparing the rules and procedures of these games with blackjack.

The game was first mentioned in a novel written by the French author Miguel de Cervantes. In this book, the writer mentions two characters from a novel who play a card game called “Veintiuno” (Vingt-et-Un), the rules of which are very reminiscent of blackjack, if not exactly the same. Players are dealt cards and the goal is to get your hand as close as possible to 21 without going over it.

Black Jack is a game that inspired me from an early age, but I played it for the first time three years ago when I first went to the casino. Here I would like to reproduce the rules of Black Jack with a clear conscience.

If a formulation doesn’t quite fit, you can of course correct me in the comments below.

The rules may seem a bit complicated at first, but the best thing is to just play a few rounds after reading them. Normally the dealer will support you in a friendly way if you can’t keep up and / or don’t know how to proceed. You will then gradually learn the individual moves quickly.

Black Jack has the great advantage that, in contrast to other casino games, you can influence the course of the game with your own behavior.

Before you try the game for the first time, a little tip, take a good look at the rules and the individual values ​​of the cards in advance.

There are different types of blackjack, I prefer the original. Here the casino uses a total of six packages of 52 sheets from the French card game.

The aces are worth 11 or 1 point each. Depending on how it is right for you in the current situation.

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