She was stuck in an empty house with a workaholic husband who now hardly speaks, because she chose to marry and become the woman and mother of her house, while she could have a career as a painter. Now also ceramics

He had joined a group that was doing things, and George suspected he was having an affair with someone in that group. Unlike his mother, his father has been less talkative in recent years. He was still working hard, coming home flushed and exhausted; After having a glass of drink and eating, he was closing in to his study and reading a book. Despite his father’s quiet and inaccessible nature, George felt more comfortable with him than with his mother. His father was a person at peace with his own life. During George’s two-month stay there, his father had told him one evening, after the second glass of whiskey he rarely drank, what the key to happiness was. According to him, happiness was finding a job and doing it as well as it could. His own father had given him this advice. Become a builder and learn to hammer the nail properly, you’ll always be happy. His father also told him that his biggest fear in life was his retirement years. This conversation was the most extensive conversation George had with his father, and he had never forgotten it. Especially a few years later, after his father died of a heart attack at the age of sixty-five… When George was at home, he scanned newspapers’ job advertisements every day. He was eventually accepted into the cadre of assistant accountants at Boston’s most prestigious publishing company. “You have always been good with numbers,” Dad said. The magazine’s position in the world of literature had a great impact on his father. George beamed into the city and kept an apartment in Charleston with two people he knew at Mather College. He was very successful at his job, and Arthur Skoot, the business manager of the magazine, took him into his wing. This man, who had never been married, was the magazine’s most senior employee at the time. He taught George how to do everything, promoted him in a short time, took him to lunch frequently. George found his job both satisfying – getting the magazine out on time and on budget – hammering the nail right – and exciting. Although his job consisted of keeping the balance sheet in the accounting book, he was very happy to be on the staff of a literary magazine. The magazine sent him to night classes, and George received his chartered accountant certificate a few years later. Thanks to a raise in his salary, he left the house in Charlestov and moved to his flat where he still lives. It was the first time she could live alone and she liked it very much. He had furnished his apartment exactly the way he wanted it; the walls were covered with bookshelves and there was no dust. He started dating Irene, the assistant editor; This woman was neither willing to move to George’s house nor to get engaged to him. In this way, George came to his late twenties and early thirties living a happy life. Although he had begun to think of Liana less often, he was still keeping his eyes wide open in large groups in hopes of seeing him. Still there was Liana in her erotic dreams. About a year after Arthur was forcibly retired, George was promoted to business manager.

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